Easter break and peaceful Tuscany trip

Hi everyone,

has been a while I am off-line from my blog. Hope you all well and a happy Easter everyone!

Has been an intense period in my life:no big changes, apparently, but big steps forward in terms of where my life is going.


My eldest turned 3 and you cannot immagine how much time con fly when you are a dad :), my little one started speaking, saying first words both in italian and in English…prous daddy I am now!

At work things go on, nothing particular in terms of news from the company where I work, but I am happy with my team, especially for the values and principles my staff is showing, and I am sure, teaching to the whole big team.

Re my personal development, I spoke you about the flow status in one of my old posts and how running and meditation can help you reaching a joyful life…meditation has come back in my life, maybe because I need to find a focus, maybe because it simply make me feel better focus on everything.

I am aiming to practice a 20/30 mins meditation per day and I am happy with it.

castiglioncello promenade

castiglioncello promenade courtesy northsardiniasail.it

In this moment I am with my family in Castiglioncello (Livorno province), a very nice place in Tuscany, on the coast.

We found an interesting offer on Air bnb, the host Francesca mum od two sons, with a Master degree in Art History is super and very hospitable, house is very nice with all comforts, WIFI free included!




 If you come from a big city like Milan, first thing you notice is how much time people dedicate to others here: when you are walking they look you into the eyes, they smile at you and your kids most often than in Milan, they wave at you ( maybe they know the importance of hello, like you can read in my previous post 😀 ).

When you enter a bar they wave at you, they are friendly and more inclined to chat because the deliberately decide to dedicate time to relationship instead of other things. Simple but awesome and thoughtful for me and my interest in Kindness and in the Buddhism. 


 Around us pine trees, gardens covered by pine needles and a typical italian touristic area almost at the beginning of the summer season incoming.A lot of closed restaurant, many ice cream sellers washing and refurbishing to get themselves ready for the season.

You can find a nice video of the seafront here:

Despite that, you can surely say that is a place where in the summer many people love to spend their holidays: little beaches, cliffs and blue sea, seagulls flying over your head, many families come here for the Easter break, like us, and loving grandparents with telling stories to their nephews.


Castigloincello Seafront, Emma Guya and the sand! :D

Castigloincello Seafront, Emma Guya and the sand! 😀

Tomorrow morning I am trying to run along the seafront, looking forward and then…you know Italins love food and Easter time is…another chance for us to eat and celebrate, hope in the weather to enjoy the terrace we have here!





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