Happiness, joy, exciting, elevating. Do you like those? Let’s start running today!

One of these moments where the tension is thick enough to slice up and fry alongside the bacon.Your boss has been a proper dork, your day has been long enough that you don’t remember when you woke up the previous morning? You kids are tired and need to sleep, your house works are waiting for you?

You definitely need a de-stress solution.

Mentalselfie is here with an easy fix for situation like the one stated above. It costs you nothing, it gives you lot, you can do it according to your agenda, no particular scheduling required, you can explore new cities when you travel and you can do it  more or less everywhere.
Happiness, joy, exciting, elevating. Do you like those?
Let’s start running and enjoy the “Peak Status”!
Maslow (1964) defines all these feelings like key ones in the “Peak status”and today thanks to PET images, we know that beta-endorphins re released during long exercising workouts and they make us fell immediately better.
 As promised,in my article on “Start running (in next posts- how), but don’t forget to say hello to other runners, and why not, to other people you meet!” I will share with you the training I used 8 years ago when, after several years of no-sport activity, I decided to do something for my self.
Do you feel that sofa is your environment?
Don’t tell it to me!Do you remember? I told you that I was in my Teens I went for the music “dark side” instead of the sporty one. So I know the feeling. Maybe outside it’s too hot or too cold and you do not find any goo excuse to move from your sofa.
Trust me, I was where you are now. And I promise that following the 8 weeks training plan you will create something magic, because you will allow yourself to be a better you, more satisfied and happy.
How can I start running today and why?
You see, you don’t need nothing but yourself to start running today and you will remember this day as the best new year resolution you accomplished!
It’s not just my opinion, running as sport in general it’s a blessing, because helps you reach the Flow Status.
The Flow Status
In his “Flow: The Psychology of Happiness” Mihály Csíkszentmihályi outlines the view that people are more happy when they are in the “flow status’. A focus absorption status.
Sport coaches, Psychologist, Religions like Buddhism refer to concepts like “action of inaction” and being focus till the point to have less self-consciousness.
So let’s start you 8weeks running plan.
You will find an easy plan very useful resources that will help you out. Trust me, I was in love it’s music s you can ad here and I am not a pro runner at all, but running is one of the best addiction I tried in my life. 🙂
*Before starting, you should be able to walk easily for 30mis and in case of any prescription please check what below with your doctor.

The fridge has been your best friend in the last two years and you would like to feel better both in your mind and with your self?
You can have big improvements in your performances while in the flow, you can come up with the Idea that can change our life. One of the most famous Michelangelo’s work, The Cappella Sistina, has been realised in this status.
So who knows, maybe thanks to a pair of shoes and a few hours, you could become the next Michelangelo!
You will run one hour before you know it no you will never want to stop anymore.
Again, web is an incredible place, full of shared things, full of shared emotions and tools, ready to use for almost everything.
If you progress with your 10K and you want to differentiate your training plans, here you can find a totally free tool that allow you to create your training plan from 10k to Marathon!

Let’s keep in touch no enjoy your run!

Coming Soon –  more bout the Flow Status in business

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