How to enjoy a real italian course, a great pizza, spin on bull’s nuts in Milan and have good luck!

Hi everyone,

I am back, after a bit of Xmas holidays blues and I can finally post something. I am going to post on a regularly basis with two three posts a week.

As per my previous posts, and as you already know, I am Italian and I always thought about the idea to go living abroad, but I never had the right opportunity to do it, or maybe, I had not look for it properly.

Italy is a great place to live and, especially if you are not Italian you will be thinking about the following:

sunny weatherhere the truth about weather in Italy as you see in the top 10 best climates we are just on the 9th position
history – you are right, no comparison with other nations. We have plenty of en-plein-air city museum ( musei a cielo aperto in Italian language)
Mafia and mandolino ( no comment, we made our bed letting these people around, so now we have to lie in it)
fashion, design, luxury, ferrari. Italy is the place that can make you very happy about it. Fashion week is a huge event here . Not sure if your credit card will be as much as happy as you 😀
food and wine awesome jungle for your senses to pass trough – this is the reason of the post, how to eat in Italy and way to try a proper Italian main.

sunny weather italy
Italy is divided in 20 regions (see Wikipedia and every one of them has an average of four provinces. each provinces has an average of two main courses.

Let’s do the homework!

20 regions multiplied for 4 provinces with two courses each is equal to 160/170 courses. I am conservative on the number because I am just referring to the traditional official receive, but I am sure everyone of my fiends cook “pasta alla carbonara ” differently from how I cook it.

In addition, as it would be enough lol, we are loaded with “sound Italian but it’s not” courses like “pasta and Alfredo sauce” never tried in my life, who is Alfredo??? or ” spaghetti meatball” who I neither know it exists until I decide to give it a try when I was in the UK.

So what you should do to taste the real italian cousine flavour and how can you start your complete and final guide to Italy.
First of all:  if you are in a big city, or plan to visit I.g. My city, mail me , find mentalselfie on twitter,on mentalselfie on facebook  or mentalselfie on pinterest. I am happy to give you many advices about Milan, hinterland and further.Where to run, where to eat, where have a proper happy hour.Below I will tell you what it means in Milan.
milan vittorio emanuele gallery
Second:Use the web, go social and recommendation from other travellers.
Click below to use Foursquare, Tripadvisor that are great for that!
Here you can find an interesting articles about when Italians eat and how, usually, the main are set up.
Furthermore I find very interesting the “social eating” where you can meet new people, eating in a real Italian house.
An example is Newgusto.
 Third: Even if you qill be tired after hours of walking, museums, tour-guides speech and you will be dragging your tired feet., PLEASE, PLEASE, commit yourself to avoid to eat or look for eating next to the city center. You will reduce probability to get trapped in a ….tourist trap restaurant that cos a fortune and offer you all but italian food.
Always go for the safe choice, so at least an average of one kilometre for the main tourist attraction. It is not a 100% rule, but it saved  my ass every trip I took.
mentalselfie pizza italy milan
Take Milan as example…if you visit the Duomo Cathedral you cannot miss to see The “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II”, built in 1877 by Giuseppe Mengoni.Plenty of old fashion restaurants will be therte for you, but…not worthy the huge crazy prize at all!Trust me!
It’s amazing have a walk with your nose up in the air, looking at these “salotto” ope air drawing room. It take just a second to imagine people dressed like end of 18th century walking around with their elegant hats and posh walking sticks.
With the cathedral behind you, just ent the gallery, go straight untile you reach the cupola. Now close you eyes and try to replace the fashion tortes with something more authentic and human. Listen what the city has to say to you, smell the city, enjoy it properly.
You will be awesomed of what you will discover!
Once you are back in our century 🙂  you cannot miss the bull.just behind you under the central Cupola.
They say that spinning on bull’s nuts will give you plenty of good luck and will drive bad spirits away.
See a funny video below!
MILAN – Spinning on the Bull’s Balls – YouTube
Finally, after a great spin ad filled up your backpack with tons of good luck, you are 100 meters away from the best pizza in your life or, as an alternative, 100 meters away from Luini’s Panzerotti, one of the MUST streetfood in Milan.
With the bull behind you, go straight trough the galleria, turn the first on the right if you wanna try a real Neaploitan Pizza at Fresco Cimmino….you will be surprised as much as youir tastw wings! 😀
If you wanna something from the street you cannot skip Luini. Every guy from Milan have been there in the play hookie morning. Was where you were sure to find many others like you, not willing to go to school, but ready to have fun and a gret Panzerotto.
Again from the bull go straight, DON’T turn the  first on the right, but go straight under McDonalds gallery and you will find Luini since 1888

Luini’s Panzerotto- courtesy of

Buon appetito, have fun and…any question just a shout!

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