Bilingualism: Growing up a bilingual Kids is easier than you think. Thanks to the web!

I am Italian and I have been always enchanted from the synthesis English language has. Francesca, my wife in the picture, is Italian too and speaks a quite good English too.


When I was a child and I started studying English at school I immediately realised that the rule is: the more you speak, the more you learn it.

At the age of 13-ish my idea was to have a “speaking English day” at home. I proposed them and we all tried for a few times, but our English was not great and the effort to ask for the salt while dining was to much. We quitted the experiment straight away.

My Dad was working for a French company and he studied just a little English.

My Mum studied French as well at school so I was trapped. No one was an english expert!

It’s also important to remind that Italian schools sucks at teaching English and that’s why Italy is a nice plays for English mother-tongue that decide to teach their language to pay the bill.

Why bilingualism is not just about languages

When we found out that Francesca was expecting I realised that my occasion I had been waiting for years was arrived: finally I could speak english at home, with my littles!

Emma was born in March 2011 and we decided to adopt the OPOL One person One language method I have never been using words like “nappy”, “dummy” or “tickle” till then, as my English was more related to business words such as “graphics”, “human resources”, “budget”, so it’s great for me as much as for Emma and Guya (my little with whom we went for the OPOL as well).

According to researches, bilinguals have a better self-esteem, better social interactions, better multi-tasking and more!


If you invest your time teaching a second language to your kid, you are giving them a gift: better memory, better attention thanks to the greater neural activity.

In this Infographics on the Bilingualism it’s easy to get how powerful is the bilingualism choice for your kids.

The power of the Internet to raise bilingual kids

Fortunately the web is accessible and full of informations.FREE informations!Yeah, I agree with you, TOO MUCH informations!

But that’s why blogs and forums are so popular and that’s you are reading me 😉 I am more than happy to help.

With a almost 3 years old and a almost 2 years old what I found very useful is using musi to make them learn, having fun. It’s very important for them to link the new language ( English or whatever) to learn in an easily and more productive way.

According to Canadian researchers at Queen’s University fun and exercise boost kids’ attention and help the learning process.

So visit and its youtube channel for hours of funny songs, toddlers dance and guaranteed fun. My little love Matt more than Peppa Pig sometimes.

I found very useful as well reading trough

power of the

Hope it helps with your toddlers! Any question just a shout!



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